Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let the ranting begin!

Although I have long harbored writing aspirations (god, what a ridiculously cliched way to begin, eh?), I have resisted starting a blog, due to laziness (oooh, Law & Order SVU is on! Honey, pass the Cheetos!) and as a result of my own prejudice toward all bloggers. Sorry kids, but if I read one more self-important blowhard touting his/his superior intellect under the ill-concealed guise of pontificating about the vast and treacherous realm of societal flaws, I will run screaming from my computer and plunge myself into a canyon (and where I live, we have a rather impressive array of canyons, with sharp rocks and flesh-eating zombies lurking in their depths. Truth.). However, one day, while droolingly brushing my teeth in a sleep-deprived haze, I realized something key - I AM a self-important blowhard. Thus, in the jolly spirit of camaraderie with my ego-stroking brethren, I shall now commence to harass the cyberworld with my own circuitous and nonsensical rants. No doubt my brand-new husband will be quite relieved that he no longer must bear the brunt of my insanity. Yep, that's right - some crazy fool married my ass.
And so it begins...