Saturday, July 31, 2010


Our little boy took his first steps today. We had just changed him (which is most definitely a two-person job these days), and I set him down in the middle of the nursery, in front of the mirror. He just stood there for a few moments, and then BAM! Took a step forward, toward his image in the mirror, with a big smile on his face. My sister-in-law was visiting, and she and I saw it happen, but unfortunately my husband was in the bathroom washing his hands. That was it - just a single step, and then he slowly bent to his knees, like "Okay, show's over. The 6pm is just like the 3:15."

A few hours later, after a fun-filled trip to the park with Auntie (during which I stayed home to do a blitzkrieg cleaning spree on our apartment) and a nice long nap (for the baby, not me - ah, how I wish...), I was puttering in the kitchen when my husband called my name from the living room. By his hushed, urgent tone I knew just what was happening - sure enough, I walked in to find the Roo standing in the living room, facing the window, and I watched him take another little step. Evidently that was the second step he'd taken, according to my husband, who was watching from the couch. A few minutes later, another small step in the kitchen.

As of tomorrow the Little Roo will be eleven months old. For the past several weeks, he has been standing unsupported for slowly increasing amounts of time, but today was the first time that he actually propelled himself forward. Each time he had this glorious look of concentration and accomplishment on his little face, and even if he had been receiving his Harvard diploma we couldn't have been prouder.

Who knows - he could not take another step for months. But for now - he did it! We are on the road to toddlerhood!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Portraits!

This photo session was my Father's Day gift to my amazing husband. We were thrilled with how well they turned out. I will post more when I receive our disc from the photographer, but for now, here's his blog post about us:

Draitser Family Portraits

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Adventures

On Monday night, we returned from a six-day excursion to the East Coast. Our good friends have a summer home in Cape Cod, and they graciously invited us to join them. So join we did, and had a wonderful time exploring the Atlantic seaside, clapboard houses and pastoral valleys of New England.

Carter was a pro on his first long flight (almost six hours!), taking two naps on the way there and (drumroll...) sleeping 4.5 hours on the way back! Hallelujah!
We dragged that poor kid around city after city in 90+ degree weather, through humidity so stifling that a bottle of breastmilk (packed on ICE, mind you) curdled within 45 minutes of stepping outside our Boston hotel room, and through it all he was simply a joy.

Nevermind the fact that he was teething (two more top teeth comin' on down) and therefore refusing food (his major teething MO), which of course drives me fairly mad, as each time I am irrationally certain he's going to starve. Or the fact that he's only reliably breastfeeding at bedtime and morning, when he's too groggy with sleep to be distracted by the BRIGHT SHINY WORLD all around him, so that I had to schlep my Medela around the highways and biways of New England, pumping every four hours and bottle-feeding, then packing it on ice and crossing my fingers that it would stay fresh in our travels. Nevermind the fact that traveling with an infant involves a small army of crap shoved into every spare pocket of an overstuffed suitcase, hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst, and that "relaxing" and "carefree" are no longer words that can really apply to vacations.

Regardless, we had a blast. A hot, exhausted, delirious, wonderful blast.
And in two days we're off again, up to see Grandma and Grandpa and to celebrate Auntie Erica and his new friend, due in September.

At the ocean with Daddy (he was not a fan):

...and the pond with Mommy (he's a BIG fan):

Hmm...what is that delicious-looking stuff in the water?

Happy boy:

Exploring Boston's Newbury Street with Daddy:

Fun in Boston's Public Garden, birthplace of "Make Way for Ducklings":

Great white pigeon hunter:

On the move:

Making mischief in the hotel room:

Meeting Auntie Anna - and, more excitingly, MR. BIV (upon seeing said feline, he pointed and calmly pronounced "CAT." Then he did it again. And again. HUH?? He has never met a cat in his life - who taught my child this??:

First equestrian encounter:

...and the response:

Hiking to Walden Pond - Lincoln, MA:

Gimme my puffs!

Yeah, yeah - so I can stand, so what??

Ready to go home: