Friday, January 29, 2010


On a brighter note, last weekend (on January 24th, to be exact) Carter discovered his feet. I put shoes on him for the first time, and he was fascinated - you could almost see the thought process: What are those bright things down there? Hmm...I think I can reach them. Oooh...they're squishy! And they move around! ...Wait a minute....are these things ATTACHED to me?! Sweet fancy Moses! There are toys attached to my body!

He has also started attempting to turn over from back to tummy. He'll lie there and crane his neck back until his head is at a 90-degree angle to the rest of his body, and kind of wiggle his hip in an attempt to get over. At night he has begun sleeping on his side, with his hands held up against his face, like a little angel praying. Sometimes he holds his lambiehead lovey in his arms. Strangely, he's become very mobile in his sleep since we unswaddled him and moved him to his crib - we'll go to check on him, only to find that he has somehow managed to maneuver from the middle of his crib in a horizontal position to the base of his crib, completely vertical with his head crammed against the bars. I won't attach his bumper since it's a safety hazard, so I'm not sure how to rectify the head-bar-bonking, and I have no idea how he's making his way down there without rolling. This is where a video monitor would come in handy.

So this week we take the good with the bad. Our boy is growing so quickly!

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