Friday, February 26, 2010

The Evolution of Roo

I don't think I've ever mentioned Carter's nickname on here, which is surprising since we use it almost as often as his actual name. He is called Carteroo, or Roo, or RooRoo, or the Little Roo - sometimes variations therein, like Rooby Doo, Rootabaga, Rooski, (appropo for the Russian heritage) Rooble, etc. I personally like to sing the Scooby Doo theme song with his name inserted - "Carter Carteroo, I love you, you're the best boy in the world. When I look at you, Carteroo, you make me such a happy girl."

Thankyouverymuch! I'll be here all night. The 2am show is same as the 11:15.

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The Mama said...

Our nickname started out as "the bobo" but has become "bobies" (rhymes with Robeez). I love Roo! So cute.