Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday I got my first "Soon, right??" comment, coupled with a nod to my big belly. HAA! No, well-meaning coworker. Not "any day now." Over three more months, in fact.

"Oops!" she giggled. "I don't know what I'm talking about!" True, my single, childless friend, you do not.

This exchange didn't actually bother me - I found it fairly amusing. I'm quite enjoying my roundness (nay - relishing! Relishing the roundness! Alliteration rocks!) though it's getting tougher to tote Carter around on my hip 87 hours a day (he's most definitely in a Mommy phase, and since he loathed me just a couple of months ago, I'll take it), and getting dressed in the morning is a pain in my bloated arse (more on that later). Several other people have commented on how I'm carrying SO much bigger than my last pregnancy, and it's true. I'd always read/heard how much bigger you get the second (and third, and fourth...) time around so I was expecting as much, and I carried so small for the majority of my last pregnancy that anything in comparison feels big.

Me at 6.5 months with Carter, at my BFF's wedding:

I haven't taken any photos lately for comparison, but I'll try to post one later.

I've gained a little more weight this time around (20 lbs so far, clocking in at 140 - woohoo!), and I haven't been eating as obsessively well as I did the first time either (I'm sorry, Little Fetus). Then again, I started this pregnancy a few pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Carter (most likely the result of breastfeeding and pumping for a bajillion months) and according to my midwives and articles like this, my pre-pregnancy BMI puts me in the "underweight" category, so I'm supposed to gain 28-40 lbs instead of the usual 25-35.

Although I'm certainly up for the challenge (BRING ON THE BAKED GOODS, STAT!), this strikes me as a little odd - I'm a pretty thin girl and I've had my body issues in the past, but I certainly never thought of myself as particularly underweight. After all, this is LA - that title is reserved solely for the coked-up models and actresses puffing cigarettes and nursing skinny lattes at the Coffee Bean on Sunset, no? Those are not my people.

Bring me the cupcake-eaters, the pasta-gnawers, the wine-swillers! Show me the calamari-chompers, the cheese-chewers, the candy-chowers! Those are MY people.

Off the pregnant-body topic: in my first pregnancy, I was a vegetarian who craved turkey burgers and vanilla malts. This time around, I'm a meat-eater who craves beans. BEANS! I can't get enough. Garbanzos and black beans - roasted (my new favorite thing in life - and the Roo likes them, too), pureed into hummus (DELICIOUS new recipe I just discovered), or wedged into a burrito (thank you, brand-spanking-new Chipotle that just opened down the street from my office).

With that, I'm off to snack.

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