Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yes, Still Pregnant

**Be forewarned - cranky pregnant lady venting below**

I have officially reached the point where I am quite certain that I am in fact going to be pregnant forever. Little Brother is now two days late and doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry, as evidenced by the fact that 1) I still have not lost my mucus plug (gross, but deal with it) - with Carter, I lost it on my due date and he wasn't born for another six days (yes, I am aware that some women never lose theirs and just go ahead and HAVE BABIES anyway, and I am hoping that's the case here), and 2) I've been having contractions every day for the past, oh, FOREVER, but nothing feels even remotely painful or productive. Every night I think tonight's the NIGHT! and then I wake up the next morning, STILL pregnant.

So there you have it. Last week we had a heat wave, with temperatures reaching into the 100s. I just thought the baby was wisely choosing to wait it out until cooler weather, with plans of being born last Saturday, 9/10/11, which would be a fairly badass birthday and match well with his brother's, 9/1/09. Nope. Then I thought perhaps he was planning to hang out until the full moon yesterday, 9/12/11. No dice. Now I'm thinking that maybe he's just a very considerate child and is going to give his Grandpa an awesome 77th birthday present by being born on my dad's birthday tomorrow, 9/14/11. Fingers crossed.

So there you go. That's me. That's all I've got. I am now going to bounce on my birth ball and watch bad television and/or movies on Netflix. SIGH. I love being pregnant, but JUST ONCE can't it be for the normal amount of time? Yes babies, I get that my uterus is really comfortable, but COME ON! Give a lady a break. Little squatters.



Erica said...

Hang in there!!!

Sara said...

I'm still two weeks behind you and want this baby out so bad I could kill.

I think we should do away with due dates and have due months. Even though I KNOW my due date is nothing more than an arbitrary date on the calendar, I am clinging to it like a life raft. And that is how I know it means jack.

Soon, friend, that baby has to come out one way or another.

Natalie J said...

But it's nice and warm in there...!!

Keeping good labor thoughts for you. Also, I have next Thursday off so if you need some company, I'm around.

Can't wait to meet him!

Imajazzbaby said...

My youngest was born on my father's birthday. It is one SERIOUSLY cool gift.