Monday, January 23, 2012


You know what I love? I love that I am blessed with honest mom friends, the kind that love their children but don't sugarcoat just how freaking HARD it is to parent, instead of being all "oh, what? Every single second of this sh*t is MAGICAL! Rainbows and sunshine and bunnies!! I want six more! WHEEE!!!"

I love that I just texted my darling Katherine, saying that Griffin just had the most epic crying session of his young life and ISWEARTOGOD I almost left him in a basket on someone's doorstep. And she just responds with "Don't you wish there was an off switch?"

And yes, yes I do. And I'm no less of a mother for admitting that. Because this crap is HARD, ladies. So more power to you - every single one of you.

Oh SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, the crying is about to begin anew. Is 2:14pm too early for a stiff drink??


Erica said...

2:14 is past wine thirty so you are good to go. Hang in there.

Katherine said...

Hahahaha! There's a siren that comes from our childrens' mouths and straight into our hearts, isn't there? Have you ever heard a child cry out on the playground and think, that sounds like one of mine? Somehow we hear and respond immediately. Anything longer than 15 minutes of that sound creates total MADNESS for us. Plain and simple.

There was a time when I'd complain about long fits from my little boy, and someone would offer help, suggesting maybe he has reflux or autism. I mean, give a mom a break!