Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My boys have a new favorite game, in which one brother lies on the couch while the other one completely covers his body with pillows, then proceeds to faux-search for him around the room. The game culminates in the searching brother feigning exhaustion and climbing up to "accidentally" sit on the pillow-covered brother, at which point pillow-boy springs up and squeals. Then they switch and do it all over again. Sometimes we get looped in and either Mommy or Daddy are covered with pillows and climbed on. My favorite part is the commentary:

"Where's Griffin? I can't find him! Is Griffin in this box? (cue Griffin giggling under his pillow tower) No....maybe he's in the closet! (opens and shuts door) No....Oh my goodness (he seriously says that), I am so tired from looking for Griffin, I think I'll have to sit down and relax on this big comfy couch..."
I was watching them play this game for the umpteenth time this morning and I suddenly realized that they are BIG and OLD and why am I not writing anything down?!?

I watch my boys play and think "I'll always remember this," but I won't. I mean, I will, in that vague, dreamy haze of memories gone by, but that's not enough. I must do better - journal more, blog more, take more pictures, capture it before it all floats by into 'they were small once...'

Driving home from school last night, Carter said "Mommy, Griffin always wants to do everything that I do."
"I know he does, Carter - that's because he loves you so much and he wants to be just like you."
Carter said "Yep, I know - and I love him too. I missed you today, Mommy!"
(and then I melted into a big puddle of Norman Rockwellian maternal bliss right there at the corner of Melrose and La Brea)

These boys - they love each other.  They play together, chase each other, share toys (sometimes), crawl around barking and pretending to be doggies together, resist bedtime with every ounce of their stubborn little beings together, whack each other in the head with cars, hide under Mommy's skirts together - oh, my crazy, darling boys. There are no words to do you justice.

But I'll keep trying.

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Erica said...

Adorable stuff.