Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Ode (Hacked, of course)

Hello everyone, this is not Paige but rather her husband, who's managed to hack her password.

I'd like to take this opportunity (as I'm sure she'll change her password once she reads this) to publicly thank Paige for everything she does as Carter's mommy. If you've read any of this blog you know how much time, thought, energy and love she puts into caring for him. He is a wonderfully happy little boy for whom Paige has created a warm and loving home.

I also want to thank all you other moms out there. Not just for all the work you put into raising your own children, which has perhaps the worst "importance to thanks" ratio of all the jobs (just barely nosing out the job of the guy who makes sure that our 5700 nuclear missiles don't accidentally go off), but for the advice, support, encouragement and love that you all give one another. Thank you for reaching out to one another and helping each other with this most important job: mommy.


Paige's Husband and on behalf of all dads.

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Natalie J said...

Max, you are truly amazing. I'm also starting to think that you are a trained secret agent with super sneaky skills. Much love to you and your little family - you are some of my favorite people!