Friday, April 1, 2011

Ah. I am not feeling nearly as cranky and despondent as I did when last I wrote, so I will not be using my blog as a platform to air too many (key words) personal grievances today - although, really, what good are blogs if not to bitch and moan freely when one feels like it?

I am about 17 weeks pregnant, and just this week began to feel the first flutters of movement from the resident of my uterus. Looking back, I cannot for the life of me recall when I first felt Carter move, and somehow didn't seem to document it for posterity. Hrmph. I am going to try to keep track of such little milestones this time around. After all, I was the third child in my family, and I suspected I was adopted for years due to the incriminating lack of photographic evidence of my babyhood. Thank you, MOM. Draitser Baby #2 will not grow up thinking his/her parents stole them from gypsies.

I'm trucking along like a little round (HOLY CRAP I THINK I JUST FELT THE BABY MOVE AGAIN. OR IT COULD HAVE BEEN GAS.) piglet these days, packing in two breakfasts and two lunches daily because hot damn, I'm hungry and I can. Strangely, my increasing girth seems to have magically slowed itself - I weighed myself last week and was three pounds lighter than at my appointment two weeks prior - so it's possible I will not gain 70 lbs, a la Kate Hudson (that bitch got FAT, let me tell you).

...and with that, I am off to eat.

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Katherine said...

Oh, Kate Hudson. I never saw pictures but I wanted to call bullshit when she said 70 lbs.

I say bravo for wanting to take as many photos as you can of baby #2. But honestly, you cannot relive that first time where the camera didn't leave your hand for a week! Second babies just aren't going to get the same reaction. My girl is 8 or 9 days old today and I just stare at her all the time. I suppose I should pick up a camera...shouldn't I?