Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hot diggety damn! We are flying out of town tonight, off to see my family for my birthday and Easter. That's right - it's time to blow this popstand, folks. Like a fine cheese, I am improving with age and this year I intend to do it up RIGHT. I'm not quite sure what that means, given that I am 20 weeks pregnant and can no longer stay awake past 10pm, but I'm fairly certain it involves mass quantities of carbohydrates. Bring it on.

Carter is very excited about the Easter Bunny, "eggies" and, most importantly "Tilly Dog," my parents' yellow lab. I am excited about wandering around through five acres of forest searching for my Easter basket, which I have done almost every year since birth. Yes, my people take Easter very seriously.

A disclaimer for potential robbers/thieves/ne'er-do-wells: before you commence with the burgling, please note the following:

1. all of my jewelry is from Target
2. all of our furniture has been salvaged from street corners or dumpsters
3. instead of a television, we entertain ourselves with shadow puppets on the walls.

Do your worst.

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