Monday, May 16, 2011


- This weekend involved a trip to the LA zoo (Carter loved the meerkats - "Meerkats, Mommy! Meerkats!" His thoughts on the giraffes: "Back to meerkats! More meerkats!"). I'm thinking next weekend we'll hit up the aquarium again.

- We were nonstop on-the-go this weekend, going to dinner at our friends' house (at which there were no less than six children - although that counts the one in my belly), multiple shopping excursions (including a walk over to the Grove, where the Roo was fascinated by the Trolley, the water fountain, and the constant stream of bubbles emanating from at least a dozen bubble guns toted by various children), and a MASSIVE birthday party for our good friends' two-year-old (during which Carter made it quite clear that he shares his mother's distaste for crowds, as he chanted "Back in Mommy Daddy's car! Back in Mommy Daddy's car!" throughout almost the entire affair.

- There is a party in my uterus lately, which is reassuring, because since I have anterior placenta I hadn't felt much movement at all until a couple of weeks ago. Now Little Draitser is jabbing, kicking, and generally having a rollicking good time.

- "Baby Bump" is an understatement. More like Baby "holy shit did you swallow a razorback hog?"

- Note to self: please step it up in the primping department. You should not look like you just wandered out of a zombie movie in search of brains by 5pm. Unattractive.


Sara said...

I also have an anterior placenta and the lack of major movement makes me a wee bit...crazy. Glad to hear things will perk up in a couple of weeks.

It sounds like a fun weekend was had by all! The meerkats really are awesome.

Erica said...

Anna and I get wigged at parties that are too big/crazy too. Uri eats that shit up. You have to come to the next RIE conference with us, I think you'd dig it.