Friday, October 9, 2009

Carter's Nursery

Here are a few shots of Carter's nursery. Clearly, I didn't spend much time setting up the room with proper lighting, etc. to make it picturesque, but you get the idea.

The three pictures on the wall above the crib below are the covers of the classic childrens' books This is San Francisco, This is New York, and This is Paris. I always loved these books growing up, and Max and I both love San Francisco, got engaged in New York, and had our honeymoon in Paris. I bought the books, made color photocopies of the covers, framed them and ta-da! Instant art.

The gumball art is from an exhibit that my mother and I went to in San Francisco almost ten years ago, and the teddy bears are from my childhood collection. I found the glider in perfect condition on Craig's List.

Our incredible hot air balloon - I still have to sponge-paint white clouds on the wall behind it.

Carter enjoying his jungle playmat: