Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The greatest adventure so far...

Today I took Carter to the LA Zoo. A group of mommy friends were taking their toddlers and asked if I'd like to come with - somehow I have become totally fearless lately (either that or I've just lost my mind from staying in this apartment too long) so I agreed.

It was a gorgeous day - breezy and warm, yet with a perfect, crisp hint of fall in the air. All of the animals were out and about - I saw lions, gorillas, zebras, otters, giraffes...I could go on. This group of mommy friends meets up at the zoo regularly to walk, chat, and hang out at the amazing playground. The yearlong passes are a bargain, and I had so much fun that I think I'll invest in one. I am looking forward to the day that Carter is old enough to enjoy it - today he slept in his Ergo through the whole trip, waking only to be breastfed on various benches.

After the zoo excursion I found myself hardly a mile from my office, so I took the opportunity to stop by and say hi to everyone. It was great - Carter was fussing in his carseat in the garage of the building, but I just popped him in his Moby Wrap (which I have now learned to use, thanks to the Pump Station's sling clinic) and he passed out immediately and slept on my chest like a little angel. He was a big hit with all of my co-workers.

It surprised me how much I enjoyed seeing everyone. I can't believe I've been on maternity leave for 10 weeks already - it seems like I was just there yesterday. Everyone was asking when I was coming back, and I kept it vague with a "sometime in December" answer, since I haven't officially decided if I'll come back before Christmas or after. The time is flying by, and I can scarcely believe that there will come a day when I will have to leave him with strangers.

Until the next adventure...

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organicstills said...

I have a friend who got the family annual passes and said it's the best thing for her and the kids on random days when they need something to do. :) So glad you're back into the world of people!!