Friday, April 16, 2010

A Brief Summary of Recent Life

Carter is crawling! Well, practically crawling. He started doing the army crawl last weekend, pulling himself along on his little elbows. Then a couple of days ago he began taking tentative first strides forward while on his hands and knees instead of just rocking there back and forth like he's been doing for weeks. We have to get on the babyproofing, STAT! Our apartment is one massive safety hazard.

The Little Roo was very sick a couple of weeks ago - refusing to eat, with a fever that reached over 104 degrees at one point. His throat looked inflamed, but his culture was negative for strep so our pediatrician suspected it was Hands Mouth Foot virus (there's no test for it), which generally involves sores breaking out on (you guessed it) the hands, mouth and feet. Mercifully, within three days he was totally normal and never had any visible sores. Suck it, HFM virus!

We went up north to visit Grandma and Grandpa (and Auntie Erica, who is currently baking a new friend for Carter, due in September) for Easter and had a wonderful time, save for the fact that it rained constantly. Upside: I was finally able to dress Carter in all of his cute cold weather hand-me-downs. What's cuter than a baby in cable knit? Not much, people. Not much.

I am (unsurprisingly) totally obsessed with baby food - researching it, making it, feeding it to him. is my bible. I spent long evenings puttering in the kitchen - steaming, pureeing, freezing and (sorry, LOML) neglecting my sweet husband (must work on that). Carter is eating like a champ - the latest additions to his diet are blueberries, egg yolks and lentils. Loved 'em all. That's my boy.

Working motherhood is hard. Some days things go like clockwork, and I think I have it all under control. Other days I sideswipe parked cars on the way home from work (yes, I left a note) and wonder how I can manage to string words together to form comprehensible sentences in such a state of exhaustion.

But every day, every action-packed, running-ragged, crazy-making day, is another day with my precious boy. And they are all incredible.

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