Tuesday, March 4, 2008

...and your little cookies, too!

I hate this time of year.
Yes, it's beautiful outside, with the approach of spring beckoning me away from my computer, tempting me to frolick merrily in the streets, picking daisies from people's front lawns and hugging bunnies and whatnot. I'm talking about a far more sinister seasonal phenomenon - those evil temptresses in uniform: the Girl Scouts.

Back, little wenches! I mistrust your beseeching, cookie-laden cuteness! Curse your delicious snacks! What? You have a new lemony sandwich variety? Huh? Lady Down The Hall (always a malevolent purveyor of guilt-inducing sugar-laden treats) has 87 boxes sitting on her desk for hungry coworkers to pillage freely?
How's a girl supposed to get any work done around here?

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