Thursday, March 13, 2008


This article sickens me.

President of Westland/Hallmark Meat Company:
"Oh, lookee there - look at all those half-dead cows blatantly tortured by slaughterhouse workers! Yeah, I guess that is inhumane treatment, now that you mention it. Regulatory violation? Well, yep..yep, guess it's one of those, too. But they most certainly were NOT slaughtered for food, so there is NO, I repeat, NO food safety issue, American public! No, not here at Westland/Hallmark, processors of exceptional quality beef! Yeehaw!
...what? Oh, another video? Um...hehheh...yeah. Well, look at those workers shooting that cow...ooh. And dragging him to the kill box. Wowza. Guess you're right, folks. Guess there are some safety problems. Only logical, after all. Shucks and darn! Guess we gotta get it outta the food supply - what? Most of it has already been eaten? By schoolchildren, poor folks and the elderly? Well shit...just my luck, ain't it?"

I repeat - sickening.

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