Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

I am really batting a thousand in the mommy department lately.

The other day I accidentally bit Carter’s finger – I was kissing his little hand and PRETENDING to gnaw on it when he suddenly stuck his finger in my mouth. Chomp! Screaming ensued. Nice.

Then, that evening he was sitting up on a blanket and we were reading a book, when he suddenly fell straight backward, right onto his hard plastic Happy Apple toy, making a disturbing clonking sound with his little head. Nicer.

THEN I was pumping a couple of days ago when I looked down and realized that I had accidentally left the tissue I had used to wipe out the bottle (I had taken it from the drying rack) IN the bottle, so all of the milk I had just pumped was totally soaked up. NICEST? No, it gets even better!

Today I left my breastpump at home and didn’t realize it until I sat down at my desk at work. I had to turn around, drive all the way back home (25 minutes), pump my massively engorged boobs, and then come all the way back to Burbank again.

Can I blame this collection of idiocy on mommy brain? Or could it just be sheer exhaustion? Perhaps more sleep training is in order. The 2am dreamfeed just ain't cutting it anymore, kids.

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