Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yes, More on Food

I have no idea why I find it so gripping to blog about my child's every bite of solid foods, but I do, so bear with me.

For the past three days, Carter had peas and rice cereal (I must admit that the fact that I did the same foods for three days was less for allergy detection than for the fact that I frankly had no time to prepare anything else for him to eat). He ate a few bites each time and then looked bored, but his disinterest could be attributed to the fact that he currently has his umpteenth cold (again, curse you, daycare!). Last night I gave him avocado again, and that went over pretty well - more of it ended up in his mouth than on his bib. Hot damn! Success!

This morning I tried oatmeal - I ground up some organic oats in the coffee grinder that I bought just to use for baby food, then cooked the resulting powder into a porridge on the stove and mixed a couple of teaspoons with breastmilk.

...and he gobbled it down! Hallelujah! I've learned that he doesn't quite understand that he needs to open his mouth when I hold up the spoon in order to get the food in, but if I actually place the spoon between his lips he'll open and swallow. Sometimes he'll grab the spoon and gnaw away, and then I'll have to grapple with him for awhile in order to get it back and put more cereal on it - and he's a STRONG little boy. Takes after mama - small but wiry!

Last night I managed to get it together to prepare green beans for him to try today. I steamed organic beans on the stove, then ground 'em up in my Munchkin Baby Food Grinder (it was hand-me-down from a mommy friend and this was the first time I'd used it...I think I'm a fan). I spooned the resulting green sludge into a Baby Cube, and off it went to daycare this morning.

Food!! Babies!! Two of my favorite things, together at last!


Sanjana said...

Hi Paige,
I lived with Katherine our first two years at UCSD, and found you through a link on her recent post.
I love your blog! My son is 10 months old, and I went back to work (teaching in Oakland) when he was 3 months old. Pumped until a couple of months ago, and have been cooking about 85% of his food since he was 6 months old. Wish I had kept a blog/ journal of the craziness, but your's rings pretty true!
All that to let you know that buying a food mill was probably the best thing I did. I just got a little one from Babies R Us, and made everything from peas to asparagus and chicken soup at home for him. Now that he is on finger foods, I cut up food into small bits and let him go to town. Whatever he is not done with, I throw into the food mill and feed him myself.
Love too. I'd be lost without it.
Well, keep posting! I'm looking forward to reading more about Carter's adventures!

Paige said...

Hi! Yes, Katherine has told me all about your little boy. Sorry it took me so long to reply - that's motherhood for you, right?
I am obsessed with making his food, and I need to get back to blogging about it (and everything else, for that matter) - life has just been moving far too quickly these days. I have a food mill too, and love it. So glad to "meet" you!