Monday, March 1, 2010

To Oat or Not to Oat

Yesterday morning we attempted oatmeal instead of rice cereal, and to my surprise the Little Roo wasn't particularly enthusiastic about it. I LOVE oatmeal and eat it on a near-daily basis, so I thought for sure a love of the oat would be in Carter's blood. Not so. He took a couple of spoonfuls, most of which ended up straight on the bib (sidenote: Hot damn, I love bibs! Since C has never been a big spitter-upper I had never really appreciated them until now. Now I want to shout the glories of the bib from the rooftops. Praise be, bibs!), and then kind of squirmed about in his chair until we set him free. Fortunately I don't think it was a true oat loathing (so don't take it personally, Mr. Quaker), as I tried rice cereal afterwards and he didn't seem particularly interested in that either. However, afternoon was a different story - Carter scarfed his avocado down yet again, and this morning I had the green diaper to prove it. Delightful.

Today I'm trying peas. Last night my husband and I attempted to make my own organic pea puree - after spending 45 minutes shelling, steaming and grinding we had about two teaspoons of green sludge consisting mostly of pea skins. Wholesome Baby Food (the mecca of baby food recipes) said to simply squish it through a strainer. I did so, and was left with approximately a quarter-teaspoon of green pea water. Finally I chucked the whole project and decided that if Earth's Best is good enough for Whole Foods, it's good enough for me, and I'm going to give him the jarred peas I had on reserve.

Stay tuned...

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Katherine said...

I tried to make my own pea puree too!! Oh it was such a letdown. You work so hard mashing and straining and you get so little result. I even took a photo with my cell phone with the intention of writing "WTF?" in my blog.

But I never got around to it.