Friday, October 1, 2010

One Day

As is my nature, I've been getting a little ahead of myself and looking forward to the Roo's big kid days, when I get to pack him a REAL lunch - one he can open on the playground and eat with his little friends before racing off to climb the jungle gym or swing on the monkey bars. The days when I can pack him a sandwich and he might actually EAT IT instead of looking at me like I'm insane, tossing it to the floor, and laughing maniacally.
Maybe I will get him this:

and pack it with these:

filled with awesome stuff like this (courtesy of Weelicious):

...or perhaps I'll have a couple more kids by then, and be lucky just to make it out the door fully clothed with sanity intact.

One day, he will be a big boy and carry a backpack and eat sandwiches. One day he will swing on monkey bars and climb jungle gyms. One day all too soon he will race out the door and off with his friends, leaving good old mom behind.

But until then, he will be my little boy. And I will savor every moment.

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