Wednesday, October 20, 2010


At 13.5 months:

- The newest word in Carter's ever-expanding vocabulary is (drumroll...) BOOB. He has begun pointing at my chest and saying "boob boob" when he wants to nurse (although it's really more like "boo, boo" - apparently the second 'b' is tough). So it's official - I have now been nursing so long that my kid can ask for the boob. Does this make me a crazy hippie?
Sidenote: I wasn't even aware that I used the word "boob" around him often enough for him to pick up on it, but apparently so. Whoops.

- The Roo is now in-between sizes, so his 6-12 month pants still fit in the waist but are now high-waters, leaving almost an inch of bare ankle hanging out, but my skinny boy still swims in most 12-18 month ensembles. Small but mighty!

- Stranger anxiety has set in. Yesterday a woman from the preschool next door was filling in at the infant/toddler center, and Carter gave her a stinkeye the likes of which I have never seen grace his face. I finally had to switch him to a different table so that he'd relax and eat his breakfast.

Say it with me, people: Oy Vey!
(Every once in awhile, this little WASP has to get her Yiddish on.)

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